Wednesday, 17 January 2018

5 Quick Foods That Can Cause Hair Loss, Take Note Of Them


Some foods are best to avoid or minimize if you’re trying to naturally re-grow your hair and reverse baldness. In some cases
certain food groups could be
triggering hair loss, and reducing the amount of them in your diet can have a significant impact on your hairline. In most cases, thanks to beauty of science, hair loss is a treatable condition and we’re continually learning ways to keep it at bay.

 When it comes to nutrition, moderation is the key and while there is no one food that can prevent hair loss, there are foods that you can avoid which would ordinarily rob the body of vital nutrients needed for healthy hair growth.

Foods That Can Cause Hair Loss

1. Carbonated drinks
Carbonated drinks are hugely acid forming. In fact they are the most acid forming food or beverage of them all. Not only this, but the sheer about of sugar in them causes blood sugar levels to spike and then crash. Dr Mercola has researched the link between excess blood sugar and male pattern baldness and has this to say about it.
“There is strong evidence that early male-pattern baldness could be a clinical marker of insulin resistance , a condition in which you lose your sensitivity to insulin, resulting in excess blood sugar.”
This provides us with another general rule that is: eat foods with low glycemic indices, so as not to spike blood sugar levels . Find out about the glycemic index of many foods and more about Dr. Mercolas research in our hair loss course.


2. Fried Food
Consumption of high fat, fried foods and hydrogenated oils should be avoided at all costs. Studies have linked monounsaturated and saturated fat to increased testosterone levels which could potentially lead to elevated levels of DHT (a by-product that causes hair loss) while hydrogenated oils are thought to affect
hair growth by suppressing essential fatty acids needed for healthy hair. Not just that, high-fat diets can lead to diabetes, coronary disease, and obesity.

3. Food Additives
The growing demand for natural and organic foods isn’t without good cause. Hair loss can be triggered by certain food additives such as caramel colour, which may be processed with caustic chemicals, sulphites or ammonia. Even natural additives have been associated with hair loss. Cochineal extract or carmine dye – a colour additive extracted from dried bugs and commonly used in fruit drinks, sweets, yoghurt and other foods is thought to cause hair loss along with a number of life-threatening allergic reactions.

4. High-mercury Fish
Dermatologists warn that diets with large amounts of certain kinds of fish may lead to hair loss. Eating fish that is high in mercury can raise mercury levels and cause hair to thin and fall out. Ahi and Bigeye tuna, king mackerel, tilefish, swordfish, marlin and shark are all high in mercury and should be avoided.

5. Alcohol
The specific link between excess alcohol and hair loss is still unknown, studies point to heavy drinking as a possible factor in hair loss. The University of Maryland Medical Center suggests that avoiding stimulants, including alcohol and tobacco may help reduce symptoms of hair loss. Some specialists suggest that excess alcohol can inhibit hair’s ability to absorb zinc and other minerals essential for healthy hair and can cause hair loss. Others believe that heavy drinking promotes dehydration , which in turn contributes hair.


Author: Richard Smith